Welcome to the abyss

Modern Pantheist is a new psych-rock-pop band comprised of only three men, but with a sound as full and lush as much larger groups. The convergence of truly inspired songcraft with staggering, undeniable technique is rendered into a potent stew that is at once ear friendly, and complex. The trio have colored backstories to boot, representing an odd and enchanting musical tapestry. Once you give Modern Pantheist a listen, you may just love it. See them live, and you might just love them!


April 7, 2014

Check out this review of our debut self-titled album


March 14, 2014

We're coming for you!

Modern Pantheist is booking a cross country tour mid-June to mid-July. We'll be in your town. Be ready!

March 10, 2014

Video out next week

Live performance video is in final stages of editing, and it will be online next week.

March 09, 2014

Tracking tracks for our ep

We will have free songs available for download soon. in the meantime, stream our self titled album here, modernpantheist.bandcamp.com